32 directional ‘venturi’ cooling veins accelerate hot gasses from the core of the disc assembly by drawing in cool air to maintain thermal stability. Each disc is individually CNC’d from solid steel billets, a unique process creating the strongest possible brake disc. The 350mm rotors for the GR Yaris receive 7.0mm shoulders creating an incredibly durable rotor which maintains strength and integrity even when approaching their minimum usable thickness.


Semi-Floating discs use stainless steel bobbins with the float built into the hardwearing steel part of the disc rather than in the softer aluminium bell/hat. Mounting bells/hats are machined from 7075 billet aluminium and hard anodised for longevity. A cataphoretic coating can be applied to the disc to prevent corrosion on the unswept area keeping the discs looking amazing for their entire service life.


  • Choice of 5 disc facings available
  • Perfectly flat breaking surface (0.015mm)
  • Left and right specific fitment
  • Heat treated for strength
  • Replaceable rotors

Each TAROX two piece disc for your GR Yaris weighs an impressive 8.7kg which is a remarkable 2.2kgs less than the OE disc. This reduction in un-sprung weight results in improved cornering and acceleration.

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GR Yaris Brake Pads – Corsa

Road Ready – Track Tested

  • High performance brake pads
  • Direct replacement fitment
  • Work from cold
  • Capable of handling upto 650 C
  • 0.42mu average coefficient
  • Front and rear available
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GR Yaris Braided Brake Hoses

A full set of 4 lines improve pedal feel and response. A flexible PTFE hose is reinforced with a stainless steel braid to prevent the hose swelling under high loads. A weather resistant PVC sleeve protects the hose and braid to ensure longevity. Stainless steel fittings terminate the hose and feature anti-whip collars so the hose remains strong even after repeated bending. Hand assembled and individually pressure tested. TUV approved. Lifetime warranty.

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