Competition discs

TAROX racing brake discs are available in a range of sizes from 254mm to 410mm and can be ordered with the following braking surfaces.

  • Straight grooves (C83)
  • Cross drilled – with countersunk drillings for fracture reduction (D95)
  • Curved grooves (F2000)
  • Grooves alternated with cross drilling (SJ)
  • Plain braking surface (ZERO)

Two manufacturing processes make TAROX discs unique:

  • All TAROX racing discs are subject to a residual stress relieving heat treatment to deliver superior performance in all conditions. This also enables the disc to remain stable at extreme temperatures. Heat treatment ensures TAROX discs are less prone to warping, cracking, fade and knock off, which act to reduce pad and disc life. As a result, TAROX discs provide greater braking performance and longer disc and pad life.
  • After machining, the surface of each TAROX disc is manually ground to a tolerance approaching 0.015mm. This creates a perfectly level surface for the pad to contact and ensures that the discs run true.