Bespoke Discs

Since the late seventies the doors of Tarox have been open to customers far and wide helping them to solve their braking problems.
In this time we have seen many weird and wonderful vehicles from true icons such as the Lamborghini Miura to the new Audi RS3 with many Porsches and Ferraris and other performance cars and exotica in-between.

bespoke disc

On many occasions we have been asked to remanufacture discs that are no longer available through the normal aftermarket outlets or from the car manufacturer. In other cases we were requested to engineer an uprated Tarox version of an existing disc, sometimes by creating a two piece arrangement instead of the standard OE single piece structure, other times just using Tarox’ high tensile cast for improved durability and resilience.

We have finally got round to compiling all of these special applications into a catalogue for all car enthusiasts who are struggling to find replacement discs for their classic car or those who require the extra quality and performance for their sports car. The entire catalogue is now available online. Find the correct discs for your car using the product finder on the home page. If your car still isn’t listed then please fill out the contact form on one of the below links and we will be in touch to discuss how we can help.

High Performance

high performance

Manufactured from cast iron coming from specialised foundries the discs for high performance cars have in most cases a two piece construction with an alloy bell. In some cases the two piece version may be…


Classic Cars


Tarox offer a range of out of production and hard to find discs for certain classic cars. Improved design and materials make cars designed in the 60’s and 70’s safer on 21st century roads…